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Research & Development

Master the different forms of solar energy and provide the needed access to alternative energy sources in the world, is a JACKSON success story behind the original power.Leader in solar water heater industry is the most important goal of the company.However,we are more aware of the urgency to become an innovator in the field. Our company is constantly updated and improved products.In order to achieve this commitment for perfection and innovation, JACKSON Company has an energetic R & D team, all-weather monitoring and testing throughout the year for the company's products.The team is responsible for the company's innovative closed loop system.This system in the large temperature difference countries, such as China, have achieved some success.Only JACKSON's products can work in such a huge difference in temperature environment.Due to different use methods and geographical location,JACKSON solar can save up to 90% or more hot water costs for home users.As the world increasingly concerned about the problem of limited energy and environmental protection, government business enterprises and individuals on the use of solar energy generated great interest.

JACKSON has extensive experience in solar water heating equipment design, manufacturing, and sales, compared with other solar hot water systems, our company has a unique advantage in the technology field.We do our best to make the solar energy equipment in heat absorption, heat transfer, thermal storage with respect to reach the acme of perfection,it will be the best product you can buy.Our products can be used effectively in some area unable to use solar energy.

JACKSON unique heat exchanger design combine of the collector and high precision products together.The closed loop system is completely sealed, in water quality conditions of poor areas, which can avoid the traditional water heater frequently occurring system freezing, corrosion or blockage.

Our heat exchange tank with double enamel structure, the system can also be associated with immersion temperature control heater or gas boiler combination.Thus, even in the utilization of solar energy the most undesirable situations can according to need and electric, gas can be alternatively used to guarantee the stability of hot water supply.The system can also be used as a warm-up of the existing water heater installations.

JACKSON company adopted the international advanced environmental protection technology, the energy conversion rate is improved by more than 80%.Streamline collector is shaped more like a skylight,split design to fit the villa, luxury apartments, dignified temperament,to meet the perfect combination of construction and energy to achieve the integration of the building.Design of the control system not only give full consideration to the Chinese customer usage, greatly improves the safety performance of the product.

JACKSON products can be widely applied to civil as well as the hotel villas and other luxury hotels, schools, hospitals, stores, office buildings, military barracks and other public buildings.Jackson solar water heating equipment to make your first investment, free to enjoy 30 years of hot water from the sun.

In addition to enable you to save a lot of energy costs, JACKSON for all of its models of water heating equipment to provide comprehensive warranty terms, it makes us has become the most advanced and the most reliable solar hot water system in the market.

Thousands of users around the world are eagerly looking forward to be able to use the the JACKSON solar water heating equipment to get free hot water from the sun.