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Prospect of the industry(备份)

Nowadays tight global energy situation, climate warming are serious threat to economic development and people' healthy life.Countries around the world are looking for a new alternative energy strategy, in order to achieve sustainable development and to obtain a dominant position in the future development.Solar energy is an inexhaustible resource, it has a high value renewable green energy.More and more people pay attention of it significant advantages:Clean, steady , security and etc.The worldwide market prospect is very exciting.

In 2007, China solar water heater production growth rate of about 30%, the annual output of 23.4 million m2 (16380MWth).The total holdings of about 108 million m2 (75600MWth)( solar water heater service life is calculated by 10 years, in 1997 before the amount of obsolete ).In 2008, the solar water heater market sales of more than 50 billion yuan.China has become the world's largest solar water heater market, and is still at an annual rate of 20% -30% increments.
But China solar water heater production enterprises have a lot of industries, there are a large number of complicated non-brand-name enterprises.This situation is not conducive to long-term development of the industry. Jackson major research and development of highly efficient flat-panel solar collector.

JACKSON solar thermal conversion technology in the development of the solar energy industry is undoubtedly the most mature and leading choice for high-end customers.

We expect that with the continuous improvement of the national economy and people's living standards, strengthening of environmental protection awareness.Residents of the household solar water heater needs of increasingly strong, China solar water heater market potential is tremendous, it can bring us a lasting, favorable market conditions.

JACKSON products can be widely applied to civil as well as the hotel villas and other luxury hotels, schools, hospitals, stores, office buildings, military barracks and other public buildings.Jackson solar water heating equipment to make your first investment, free to enjoy 30 years of hot water from the sun.

We believe that the solar energy industry is the solution to human survival and sustainable development of the most powerful and the only way, in the contemporary, successful future!The big benefits of the world, it is worth we fought for our life, but also to our wonderful life, why not.So welcome to Jackson.

Join JACKSON family,as a global marketers in the world is undoubtedly the most intelligent choice for your life.Welcome to JACKSON global family!