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Collector Profile

1.Glass plate捷森平板太阳能集热器
The collector uses high strength, corrosion resistance and impact resistance glass.High incidence rate , low reflectance.Solar transmittance ≥ 94%.The SPF, Switzerland, certified to meet the ANS1297-1-1975, BS6206A and JISR3206 standards.High impact resistance,the toughness is in line with AS2208-1978 and the U.S. Federal Standard.The glass does not contact with the working fluid, (there is) no scaling problem.Flat glass through a special coating is easy to wash and maintain, especially large area solar heat collection plate group.It can use pipe washing system centralized washing dirt or automatic rain shower, ensure that the glass surface clean.Enhance the solar incidence rate to achieve a high transmittance, low reflectance, reducing heat loss, increase the permeability of the infrared, ultraviolet and short-wave rays.

2.Shell and insulation layer
Use marine grade aluminum shell to ensure the long life of the outdoor use, without fear of rust or corrosion.It has 38mm Fiber insulation t reduce heat losses and maximise insulation.

3.Plate core and heat-absorbing coating
Use full copper collector plate core, and the world's leading high-selective absorbing coating.This special coating on the surface of the solar absorber plate core ,has a high absorption rate of the sun's shortwave radiation.Absorption rate is 97% + 2%.At the same time it has stable physical property, reached Europe and the United States provided 250000 fatigue testing standard.

Collectors technical performance specifications
Model HJ
Dimensions 1000mm×2000mm×80mm Glass Type High transparency low iron tempered textured glass
Weight(net/loaded) 35kg/45kg Iron rate ≤0.01%
Effective collector area 1.90㎡ Transmittance Transmittance ≥ 94%, reach ANS1297-1975
BS6206A and JIS R3206 standard
Manufacturing standards GB/T 6424, EN 12975
EN 12976
Thickness 3.2mm
Riser Type H Backplane Material Marine grade aluminum alloy
Material Copper Manufacturing process Overall molding
Riser NO. 8 Insulation layer Type High-strength composite fiber cotton
Manufacturing process Brazing Back insulation specifications Thickness:38mm,Density:32kg/m3
Test pressure 1.4MPa Side insulation specifications Thickness:40mm,Density:24kg/m3
Heat-absorbing coating Material Copper Frame Standard 6063T5 1.3mm
Coating High selective absorbing coating Material Marine grade aluminum alloy
Interface Connector DN20
Dimensions 1920mm×990mm Test data Instantaneous collector efficiency 85%±3%
Thickness 0.2mm Heat loss coefficient A1=3.80W/㎡K
Absorption rate α= 97%±2% A2=0.007W/㎡K
Emissivity ε= 4%±2% Maximum temperature 228℃ 1000W/㎡