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Apartment seperate system


It uses a dual-loop pressurized system, the media circulatory system and water supply systems are independent of the closed cycle.JACKSON 's collectors concentrate installed on the roof of the building, modular combination of centralized absorb solar energy.Absorption free solar energy through the JACKSON GARD medium circulation system supply to independent of each household heat exchanging water tank for heat exchange.Heat exchanging water tank is installed in the household, water and auxiliary energy ( such as: electric, gas ) open and use,to achieve the maximum solar heat sharing.

Truly realize the integration of design, reasonable layout, centralized heating, household supplies, personal responsibility, heat sharing the greatest degree of energy saving and environmental protection goal.

Need to provide information

◎Inlet water temperature: generally in coastal areas, the average temperature is 15 ℃.
◎Operating temperature: general shower is 40 ℃.
◎Hot water flow rate : the number of X water litres / min / people
◎Installation location: indoor or outdoor installation
◎To provide relevant technical drawings

Apartment solar hot water seperate system
Apartment solar hot water seperate system