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Hot water system for villa

Jackson Central hot water system,use of advanced technology and the perfect combination of architecture. Effective adjustment of building energy consumption proportion structure, reduce consumption and dependence on non-renewable resources.Construct a low energy consumption and high comfort of healthy living environment.

Jackson Central hot water system,using the split design. Collector adopts a streamline shape like elegant smart window, with the perfect combination of architecture,add a touch of charm to the villa. Heat exchanging water tank and collector adopts split design,Streamlined stereo water tank can be placed in equipment or customer specified locations such as garage.It can be combined with a variety of auxiliary energy to establish the Jackson solar hot water system as the center of the central hot water supply system.

Villa central hot water system

Tank specifications

Type J150(S) J200(S) J300(S) J400(S) J500(S)
Applicable NO. 2-3 3-5 5-6 6-8 8-10
Hot water capacity(L) 150L 200L 300L 400L 500L
Diameter(mm) 2000×1000×80 2000×1000×80 2000×1000×80 2000×1000×80 2000×1000×80
Exchange tank Dimensions(mm) Φ450×1570 Φ520×1530 Φ620×1530 Φ710×1580 Φ710×1715
Inlet and outlet pipe size NPT3/4'' NPT3/4'' NPT3/4'' NPT3/4'' NPT3/4''