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Company Profile

As one of the top tier solar hot system supplier from china, Jackson is specialized in solar water heater products research and development. We focused on reducing people’s energy bills in the long run whilst and their green commitments. With the concern of global warming and the more and more fragile environment, we think effects should be made by the government, enterprises and individuals, so at the beginning, we made our goals as “not only save people’s energy bill for individual but also protect the environment for our society”.

With the install of a Jackson system for a family of four, it can avoid up to three tons of carbon dioxide emissions and save about $800 each year as average.

Into the 21st century, Jackson solar opened a new chapter. Now Jackson solar company is gradually establishing and improving the global marketing network. We are now preserving to provide technical and professional training support to our global sales network by our highly acclaimed and energetic research and technical teams.

By constantly providing reliable, durable solar hot water products and prolong the service life of the products, we have made great achievement in China. Now it’s the time for us to show our green commitment to the world.